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Children are often told, "Pay attention!" or "Try harder!" when in fact they are trying very hard. They may have underlying issues with auditory processing skills, understanding complex language, or reading decoding. Getting to the root of their difficulties can give them a chance to succeed instead of feeling increasingly frustrated.

Adults are often unprepared for the communicative expectations that come with their positions. They are stunned when they are told they speak unprofessionally. With expert guidance from a speech-language professional, effective, dynamic communication is an achievable and enjoyable goal.

Lynn C. Koss, M.S. CCC-SLP, a N.Y. State licensed speech-language pathologist, offers comprehensive speech, language, reading, and writing evaluations, as well as researched-based interventions to help children, teens, and adults improve their communicative abilities. When communication skills improve, confidence and achievement soar.

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