Speech language treatment for job improvement

Professional Speaking for Adults

The Job Search

Your Resume - Are you finding spell-check and grammar-check less than reliable? Do you need a help succinctly expressing your qualifications and abilities?

The Interview - Does the prospect of facing a barrage of questions make you weak in the knees? Being prepared plus learning ways to avoid the “choke” in stressful situations will help you land that job.

Presentation Skills

Public speaking - Do audiences get some of their best shut-eye during your presentations? It’s time to make them wake up and take notice. Together we can infuse new life into your material, your presentation style, your rate of speech, or other areas that need a fresh approach. Entrepreneurs, lawyers, professors, physicians, and realtors have gotten raises, promotions, increased business, and accolades from tweaking their presentation style.

Executive Communication - From offering “impromptu” remarks to crafting persuasive arguments to influence the board of trustees, executives are expected to communicate effectively, graciously, and accurately. A little humor, used judiciously, can help. It usually takes just a few sessions for executives to learn research-based techniques that can result in positive, status-quo-changing behaviors in the corporate culture. Executives are confident because the highest standards of confidentiality are always maintained. Special training is available for women in the workforce who are knocking on that glass ceiling.

Speech-Sounds and International Accents

Speech Sounds – If mispronouncing certain speech sounds like “s” or “r” is holding you back, it is not too late to achieve success. Although these issues are usually addressed in childhood, it is possible for adults to improve their pronunciation. New tools and technologies make it easier than ever.

International Accents – If you acquired English as a later language, an accent may be interfering with how well people understand you. Accent modification techniques are not designed to make you lose a charming accent; they are designed to make it less effortful for listeners to understand. You want people to focus on what you say, not the way you say it. Making these changes has been particularly helpful to medical residents’ communication with patients and other physicians.

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